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UPDATED:The Philippine Science High School – SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus, through its Bids and Awards Committee, intends to procure Consulting Services for the Installation of Power, Distribution Line and Communication Systems.

Please submit your proposals and the required documents, duly signed by you or your authorized representative, for the services described above on or before 10:00 AM of May 26, 2017, subject to the Terms and Conditions provided at the dorsal portion of this Request for Proposal (RFP). A Pre-Bid Conference will be conducted on May 19, 2017, 9:00 AM at PSHS - SRC, Brgy. Paraiso, Koronadal City.


Terms and Condition

  • The Approved Budget for the Contract is One Hundred Fifty Thousand (P 150,000).
  • Duration of contract is thirty (30) calendar days.
  • Proposals must be valid for a period of one hundred twenty (120) calendar days from the date of submission.
  • Price Proposals, to be denominated in Philippine Pesos, shall include all taxes, duties, and or levies payable.
  • Proposals exceeding the Approved Budget for the Contract shall be rejected.
  • Award of Contract shall be made to the highest rated and responsive proposal which complies with the scope of work and terms of reference and other terms and conditions stated herein.
  • Interested consultant must satisfy the eligibility criteria as stipulated in Section 24.3 of the 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184.
  • Interested Consulting firms must submit a copy of the ELIGIBILITY, TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS in sealed envelope on or before 10:00 AM of May 26, 2017.
  • The supplier must submit a letter of compliance with the terms of reference provided by the procuring entity.
  • The Procuring Entity Shall evaluate bids using the QUALITY-COST BASED EVALUATION PROCEDURE.
  • To guarantee the faithful performance by the winning bidder of its obligations under the contract, it shall post a performance security prior to the signing of the contract. The Performance Security shall be in an amount equal to a percentage of the total contract price. Five Percent (5%) for Cash or cashier's/managers check; Five percent (5%) for the confirmed bank draft guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit; and Thirty Percent (30%) for the surety bond callable upon demand issued by a surety or insurance company.

Terms of Reference

      I.        BACKGROUND 

Steady supply of Electricity and a stable communication system will play a vital role in every daily life of the school operations.  It will provide a convenient and productive working environment and create an environment where every information can be reach within. Because of the increasing demand of electricity in the campus, an overhead three-phase power distribution line will be installed to compensate the power requirements including the communication systems. Also, the entire campus will be interconnected with a communication cable that can support a higher bandwidth and support longer endpoint of connectivity. This communication cable will serve as a medium of communication to all ICT support services such as video data streaming of CCTV, VoiP (telephony), internet connectivity, and paging system. 

Each building is installed with Wireless Access Point (Open WiFi Connection manage with captive portal) and telephone stations in required area. Paging System is also installed in hallway, lobby and closed classrooms wherein ring chimes might not be heard. Copper Cables are installed in areas required such as offices and cubicles. All ICT devices specified in the building are connected into an intermediate distribution frame, thus present in every building. 

Data Center is setup in a control room with appliance such as Intermediate and Main Data Frames. Entrance Facility of external subscriptions like conduits are setup with data cabinet rack. Mainframes and Network Facilities are supported with Battery backup power supply for uninterrupted services. Telephone systems are interpolated with a GSM module which used for incoming / outgoing mobile phone calls. 

      II.            OBJECTIVES 

One of the priority infrastructure projects of PSHS-SRC for calendar year 2017 is the Power Distribution Lines and Communications Systems which aims to provide steady supply of electricity and ICT support services such as telephony and internet connectivity in order to foster the integration of technologies in teaching and learning. Serves as a foundation to a greater world of opportunity that innovates and inspire the scholars to do more with ease. 

    III.            SCOPE OF SERVICES 


a.     Detailed planning of the transmission route that will cater all power requirements of the entire campus.

b.     Detailed design and execution drawings and plans.

c.     Calculation of power load, size of wires, transformers, number of transmission poles, switches and control system.

d.     Preparation of Technical Specification for all the installation materials used based on the approved plans.

e.     Preparation of Scope of Works of the project.

f.      Identify a subscription plan from data providers that can be serve in the premises.

g.     Identify ICT equipment that suits campus operations, its capabilities and requirements.

h.     Preparation of Detailed Internet Management Plans, Voice IP Telephony, Paging System, Equipment Maintenance and Upgrade Plans; and other plans necessary to the project.

i.      Preparation of Bill of Quantities, Agency Cost Estimates & Detailed Cost Estimates based on the approved installation plans.

j.      Assistance and advice in securing bids, tabulation and analysis of bid results, and making recommendations on the award of contracts and in preparing formal contract documents.

k.     Preparation of supplementary drawings required to suit actual field conditions.



 a.     Making periodic visits to check on the general progress of work, correct installation based on approved plans and quality of workmanship.

b.     Observing performance tests and start-up and making report.

c.     Conduct inspection and making of punch list.

d.     Making a final inspection and reporting of completed projects.

e.     Checking shop drawings submitted by contractors.




a.     Certify the conduct of testing and commissioning.

b.     Certify the conduct short circuit test.

c.     Conduct an inspection on the recorded punch list.

d.     Certify completion of works in accordance with the approved plans, specification and scope of works and recommend the issuance of certificate of completion after final inspection and acceptance.

e.     Assist PSHS-SRC and the contractor on the preparation and submission of all forms and supporting documents required by the concerned government agencies.

f.      Additional items during the post construction phase will be on final contract agreement.

g.     Checking as-built plans




The Consultancy Firm shall prepare and submit the following reports:


1.     Monthly Progress Reports

2.     Monthly Updated Construction Schedules

3.     Contract Time Extension Endorsement

4.     Variation Order Endorsement

5.     Updated Labor and Equipment Schedule

6.     Updated PERT-CPM

7.     Acceptance Documentary Requirements




1.    Preliminary drawings of the area (Site Development Plans)


See the more details in the Proposal Form and Terms of Reference



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