P for Patriotism

Scholars are taught to be proud of their Filipino identity and cultural heritage. They are also taught to promote a culture of excellence in their fellow countrymen. The school also inculcates the love of country in order to instill a sense of pride in being a Filipino.

I for Integrity

Beginning in their first year of education, the scholars are taught to be honest and truthful in their work, words and actions. They are taught to uphold the untarnished truth, and as they go through their four years of education, they are also trained to incorporate in themselves a sense of dignity and self-discipline.

S for Service

Every PSHS scholar is obliged to serve the country as a way of giving back to the government that has educated him. To serve the nation wholeheartedly is one of the goals of PSHS in unifying the whole system and scholars alike.

A for Academic Excellence

Scholars strive for perfection in their studies in order to make world-class scientists and mathematicians. The PSHS also aims to align their achievements with local and international standards, creating highly-trained students competing in competitions inside and outside the country.

Y for Youth leadership

Every scholar is given the chance to lead and is encouraged to take initiative in leading others to do the right thing. The PSHS instills a sense of leadership and independence in order for the students to become active in nation-building and to promote a sense of cooperation in the whole community.