The Philippine Science High School offers free tuition, monthly stipend and loan of available textbooks to scholar awardees. In addition, a monthly living allowance determined by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees shall be given to those who are financially deserving (forms for additional living allowance are available at the Registrar’s Office).

There are four types of scholarships in PSHS: Full, Partial 1, Partial 2, and Partial 3. Only one of the scholarships can be granted to a student, based on his parents’ Income Tax Return (ITR). This categorization can be amended every year.

  • Free Tuition Fee
  • Free Loan of Textbooks
  • Free Use of Laboratories    
  • Monthly Stipend (500.00)
  • Living Allowance (maximum of P3,500/month -depending on the  scholarship category)
  •  Uniform (P1,800/year - for full scholar)