Wednesday, 19 September 2018 03:35

BrACKET V1.1 returns to Kidapawan



As part of PSHS-SRC’s outreach program, Bridging Academic Capabilities of K-12 Elementary Teachers (BrACKET) returned to Kidapawan to offer an enhanced training program with enriched training materials and activities on 4 subject areas: Science, Mathematics, English and Abstract Reasoning at Kidapawan City Pilot Elementary School, September 15-16.

“Since PSHS relies on elementary schools as its feeders for the scholarship it is providing, the need for it to extend its resources to elementary schools and the teachers is also necessary,” Edman H. Gallamaso, CID Chief, said about the importance of the  BrACKET program.

The program was designed to cater to 60 elementary school teachers who were given the chance to attend multiple sessions through a rotation scheme which is one subject area per day with the original schedule to be two weekends in September.

Each session aimed to equip Grades 4-6 elementary teachers with the necessary skills by enhancing their content, pedagogy, and assessment to mentor students for the National Competitive Examination (NCE) of PSHS.

The next 2 days will be rescheduled due to conflict of schedules in the venue.

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