Student Life

As each scholar spends his or her high school life in this institution, they also have the privilege to participate in the school's activities and events prescribed by the school to help them progress not only in their academic life but also towards their social and physical world.

The Tunog System

In order to develop the bond and unity among scholars, the PSHS-SRC implemented the 'Tunog' System which is set to anchor any school activity this school year 2014-2015. The implementation of this system aims for six (6) aspects: Academic mentoring; Peer counseling to provide emotional support; Monitoring of overall student performances; Sports events for leisure and physical fitness; Musical, theatrical and cultural events and promotion; and, Maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness.

The system consists of six tunog which includes:

  1. Debakan
  2. Agong
  3. Kudyapi
  4. Gangza
  5. Kulintang
  6. Kubing

Each tunog is composed of members from the students, faculty, and staff led by the Datu, Waiír and Raja Tagasulat. The names were derived from the balangay system of the first settlers in the Philippines to reflect patriotism in the Filipinos'cultural ways and to live our the core values of the Philippine Science High School System. 

Alternative Learning Activities (ALA)

  • PRISM (Pisay's Reliable Institute for Science and Mathematics), MathSci Club
  • The Environmentalists' Club
  • The Sports Club (PISAY)
  • The Conversationalists and Debaters Club
  • Outreach Committee/Theater Club

The Supreme Student Government (SSG)

The SSG is the official student body of the campus which is headministered by the SSG President.

School Publications (Pisay Scholar and Pisay Iskolar)

The school annually produces two publications that allows the scholars the optimum opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions freely. PISAY SCHOLAR is the PSHS-SRC's official publication in English. PISAY ISKOLAR, on the other hand, is the official publication in Filipino. Both publications provide a good training ground for scholars in the field of journalism as reporting, layout, design, editing, and final production are done by the students under the supervision of a faculty adviser. In 2014, the Pisay Iskolar was awarded the Best School Paper for Filipino in Region 12 during the Regional Schools Press Conference..