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SRC Citizens Charter


1. Application for the PSHS System National competitive examination (NCE)

Frontline Service Office: REGISTRAR'S OFFICE

Criteria and Eligibility:

A graduating elementary pupil from a duly recognized school by the Department of Education, who meets the following criteria, is eligible to apply for the PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE). He/She must:

  1. 1.     have a final grade of 85% in Science and Mathematics as supported by a report card (Grade 5) but if the grade in Science and Math is less than 85% he/she must provide a certification that he/she belongs to the upper 10% of the class;

    2.      be a Filipino citizen with no pending application as immigrant to any foreign country;

    3.      not be more than 15 years of age by June 30 of the following year that he/she is applying;

    4.     be in good health and fit to undergo rigorous academic program;

    5.      have at least a satisfactory rating in the Character Rating as shown in his/her Grade 5 Report card.

    6.     be of good moral character; and

    7.     not have taken PSHS NCE previously


1.     Fully accomplished Application Form in duplicate copies ( downloable here)

2.     Two (2) Identical recent 1x1 ID pictures

3.     Non-refundable test fee - for private schools - P100 or for public schools – Free

4.      Copy of report card (Grade 5) and letter of recommendation or certification from the school principal if the applicant belongs to the upper 10% but his grade in Science & Math is below 85%

Screening Process:

       A step test (Scholastic Aptitude Test) will be administered which is designed to measure Scientific Ability, Quantitative Ability, Abstract Reasoning and Verbal.

Schedule of Availability of Services:

       Monday - Friday (7:30AM-5:00PM)


       Application Fee

How to Avail of the Service

Step Applicant/Client Administrator's Office Activity Duration Person in Charge
1 Secure application forms Issue application forms with short briefing/instructions 5 minutes Registrar
2 Present duly accomplished application forms with required supporting documents Review and accept the application form and required supporting documents 10 minutes Registrar
3 Pay admission stamps:
For Private schools: P100
For public schools: Free
Issue admission stamps and sign application form 5 minutes Cashier
4 Submit duly accomplished application forms with documentary requirements

- Receive ans sign application form

- Generate test permit

5minutes Registrar

 2. Freshmen Enrollment

Frontline Service Office: REGISTRAR'S OFFICE


1. Enrollment Checklist
2. Form 137
3. Six (6)) pieces 2x2 ID pictures
4. Duly accomplished Scholarship Agreement
5. Documentary stamp
6. Medical laboratory tests results
    a. chest x-ray
    b. urinalysis

Step Applicant/Client Administrator's Office Activity Duration Person in Charge
1 Secure enrollment forms Issue enrollment forms 5 minutes Registrar
2 Proceed to the following offices for submission of requirements/interview:      


Receive and review medical and dental results

15 minutes Nurse, Physician


Receive Data Sheet and conduct interview

20 minutes Guidance Services Associate


Conduct interview / pre-accomodation conference of dormers

10 minutes SSD Coordinator


Check Documents

2 minutes Campus Registrar

Director's Office

Conduct brief interview with parent/guardian and sign contract

10 minutes Campus Director


Receive accomplished forms and checklist, then issue Admission Slip

5 minutes Campus Registrar
3 Dormitories (for dormers) accomplish forms/sign contract 20 minutes Dormitory Manager


3. Processing of requests for school credentials

Step Applicant/Client Administrator's Office Activity Duration Person in Charge
 1  Secure and accomplish request form Approved Request 1 day Campus Director / SSD Coordinator
 2  Pay certification fee and document stamps  Receive payments  5 minutes  Cashier
 3  Submit approved request to the registrar's Office and Guidance Office Receive and process approved request  Form 137 - 2 weeks
 Certification - 1 day
 Cert of GMC - 2 days
 Diploma - 1month

 Registrar /
 Guidance Coun.
 4  Claim requested document  Issue requested documents  5 minutes Campus Registrar



Step Applicant/Client Administrator's Office Activity Duration Person in Charge
 1  Submit letter request Act of Request 1 day Campus Director
  IF APPROVED: Proceed with the ff. steps, If not, requester will be notified accordingly      
 2  Secure form for the use of facilities Issue Form  5 minutes FAD Chief
 3 Submit duly accomplish form Review form and compute rental fees (charges) 10 minutes FAD Chief
 4 Request for Statement of Account or Billing Issue Billing 10 Minutes Accounting
5 Pay for the Rental Fees (Charges) Issue Official Receipt 5 minutes Cashier
6 Proceed to FAD for arrangements Check O.R. and Book reservation 10-30 minutes FAD Chief
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