PSHS-SRC Administration

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest policy-making body of the PSHS System. It coordinates with the Executive Committee for the implementation of these policies. It is composed of eight ex oficio members and five private sector representatives, chaired by the DOST secretary.


Office of the Executive Director

Executive Director: LILIA T. HABACON

The Office of the Executive Director is the personal office of the head of the direct service administration and chief planner of the system. The OED recommends policies and guidelines for the consideration of the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director spearheads the Executive Committee, which is composed of the different directors belonging to different campuses. The Executive Council is the collegial body – composed of the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Director, the Main Campus Director, and the Regional Campus Directors.


Office of the Campus Director

Campus Director: Dr. Chuchi P. Garganera

The Campus Director provides leadership as the overall head of each of their respective campuses. They develop plans to advance the school’s mission and objectives, as well as to oversee the different operations of the various school divisions.


Curriculum & Instruction Services Division

CID Chief: Mr. Edman H. Gallamaso

The Curriculum and Instructional Services Division gives a broad range of programs to help students reach their maximum potential and truly exhibit values of PISAY – Patriotism, Integrity, Service, Academic Excellence, and Youth Leadership.


Finance & Administrative Division

FAD Coordinator:  Nicola Allyzza B. Lazaro

The Finance and Administration Division is responsible for providing financial and administrative support to the whole school system. Among these include budgeting and accounting, as well as procurement and contracting of goods and services.


Student Services Division

SSD Coordinator: Claire B. Rivera

The Student Services Division handles the different branches of the school in charge of rendering suitable services and benefits, as well as providing for its students and their welfare.